International students are eligible for many university wide and national award competitions

 In addition, there are a few opportunities exclusively for international students below.

International Dean's Scholarship

Master's: $18,000 for up to two years
Doctoral: $22,000 for up to three years
Round 1: December 1
Round 2: February 2
Register for the first time in a thesis or dissertation based program at the U of S
Entrance GPA of at least 85%
Show evidence of previous research productivity as demonstrated by authorship of refereed journal publications or conference presentations/publications
Nominations for International Dean’s scholarships are made by academic units after you've applied.

These scholarships are offered to students who have outstanding academic records, show research promise and are registering for the first time in a thesis-based graduate program.

Note: There are no service expectations while on CGPS funding. However, the required matching portion of these awards provided from different sources may have service expectations.

Country specific scholarships

Students from the countries below may benefit from our partnership agreements around the world.

Note: If you are not from one of these countries remember you can be considered for a variety of other scholarships and awards.

ESL Bursary for International Students

This bursary provides current international students with a bursary to attend a part-time English Language Class at the University of Saskatchewan Language Centre. Applications are open to international graduate students who meet the eligibility criteria and who are recommended for a bursary by their graduate supervisor or graduate chair.