Admission requirements

Non-degree applicants must meet the minimum admission requirements.  

Admission on a non-degree basis does not ensure subsequent admission to a graduate degree program.

Non-degree applicants do not need to provide letters of recommendation for their application.

Receiving course credit

  • Students accepted into a graduate degree program will only receive credit for courses taken on a non-degree basis, on the recommendation of the academic unit offering that graduate degree program.
  • No more than six (6) credit units of such courses will be accepted for credit toward a graduate degree.

Receiving credit for courses taken on a non-degree basis shall affect the time available for degree completion, as the start date of a degree program is the earliest date of registration in a course credited toward the degree requirements.

Choosing courses

The College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies is considered the academic home of non-degree students, however, some departments ask you to identify the program courses you wish to take before applying, and some require additional information.

Contact the department delivering the course(s) that you wish to take directly to inquire about the availability of specific courses, and the eligibility of non-degree students to register in those courses. Please refer to your chosen graduate program for contact information.

If an admitted non-degree student does not register in three successive graduate terms, they must reapply for admission prior to taking additional courses.