Tuition for graduate studies will depend upon your program of study. Most project or thesis-based programs have a per term cost. Course-based programs are assessed tuition for each class you take. Some programs have a flat tuition amount either for the entire program or per term.

All programs also have student fees that are charged for each term to cover services like health insurance or a bus pass.

Thesis and project-based master's and doctoral programs

Graduate students in a thesis or project-based program pay tuition three times a year for as long as they are enrolled in their program.

Term Canadian International
September 1 - December 31, 2021$1,491.00 CAD $2,698.71 CAD
January 1 - April 30, 2022$1,491.00 CAD $2,698.71 CAD
May 1 - August 31, 2022$1,491.00 CAD $2,698.71 CAD
Total per academic year$4,473.00 CAD $8,096.13 CAD

Course-based master's and postgraduate diploma programs

Students in course-based programs pay tuition for each class they take. Every class is assigned a number of credit units (usually three) which determines their cost. If a student is not enrolled in any classes for a term, they will need to register in a 'Maintenance of Status' class that is 3 credits to stay in their program.

Graduate students in course-based programs registered in any undergraduate classes will be assessed tuition for these classes at the undergraduate rate. International graduate students in these programs registered in undergraduate courses, whether or not the classes are part of their program of study, will also be assessed the undergraduate international differential rate of 3.0.

Canadian International
Cost per graduate credit unit$241.00 CAD $436.21 CAD
Maintenance of Status course$723.00 CAD $1,308.63 CAD
Cost per 3 credit unit graduate class$723.00 CAD $1,308.63 CAD

Special tuition rates

The following programs have unique tuition rates. Some have a single flat tuition rate for the entire program, others have a per term charge that differs from the above.

The tuition for the postgraduate degree specialization certificate in corrections is covered by a sponsoring external agency.

Programs assessed per course

Program Canadian International
Master of Education in Health Professions

Tuition is assessed at a rate of $1351.98 per 3 credit unit course.

$1,351.98 CAD $2,447.08 CAD

Programs assessed per term

Program Canadian International
Master of Arts in Economics Co-op

This per term tuition fee is assessed in addition to the standard M.A. per term tuition rate.

$500.00 CAD $905.00 CAD
Master of Engineering $1,562.00 CAD $2,827.22 CAD
Master of Indigenous Land-Based Education

Program and tuition rate effective Spring Term 2022.

$5,000.00 CAD $9,050.00 CAD
Master of Public Health (thesis-based) $1,495.00 CAD $2,705.95 CAD
Master of Public Policy and Ph.D. - Public Policy

*International students pay an additional $1,227.75 per term.

$1,619.00 CAD *
Master of Science - Finance $2,500.00 CAD $4,525.00 CAD
Master of Science - Marketing $2,500.00 CAD $4,525.00 CAD
Master's and Ph.D. - Environment and Sustainability $1,715.00 CAD $3,104.15 CAD

Programs assessed a single flat fee

Program Canadian International
Doctor of Education $35,000.00 CAD $63,350.00 CAD
Joint Master of Governance and Entrepreneurship in Northern and Indigenous Areas

Students admitted prior to 2019-20 will be charged the standard graduate per term tuition rate as well as the international differential if applicable.

Note that GENI students will be required to pay student fees at both USask and UiT.

*International students admitted in 2019-20 and beyond are not assessed an international differential.

$26,000.00 CAD *
Joint Master of International Public Management and Administration

Additional $13,000 USD program fee for accommodations, food, travel, and other costs.


$42,000.00 USD $42,000.00 USD
Master of Business Administration
  • Additional tuition for Optional Internship Part I, Part II, and Part III (MBA 879, 882, and 884) is $2,020.38 CAD total for domestic students and $3,656.88 CAD for international students.

  • Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) and Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Combined Degree Program tuition is assessed as $427.76 per credit unit (Pharm.D.) and $673.46 per credit unit (M.B.A.).
  • Juris Doctor (J.D.) and Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.) Combined Degree Program $521.70 per credit unit (J.D.) and $673.46 per credit unit (M.B.A.).
$30,306.00 CAD $54,853.86 CAD
Master of Nursing - Nurse Practitioner $12,447.00 CAD $22,529.07 CAD
Master of Physical Therapy

* This program is only available to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

$21,342.00 CAD *
Master of Professional Accounting $30,000.00 CAD $54,300.00 CAD
Master of Public Administration

*International students pay an additional $1,227.75 per term.

$17,067.00 CAD *
Master of Public Administration (online)

*International students pay an additional $1227.75 per term.

$30,000.00 CAD *
Master of Public Health (course-based) $14,451.00 CAD $26,156.31 CAD
Master of Water Security (Beijing Normal University Campus)

*domestic rate is not applicable 

* $23,700.00 CAD
PGDSC - Nurse Practitioner $10,373.00 CAD $18,775.13 CAD

Programs assessed per credit unit

Program Canadian International
ENVS 861, 862, 863 for non-degree seeking students

This per credit unit rate is for each of ENV 861, ENVS 862, and ENVS 863 for non-degree seeking graduate students.

$500.00 CAD $905.00 CAD
Master of Sustainability (course-based and project-based) $378.00 CAD $684.18 CAD
Master of Water Security (USask Campus) $350.00 CAD $633.50 CAD

Graduate internship course

Canadian International
JSGS 850 Internship Course

Course is restricted to M.P.A. and M.P.P. students.

This course tuition rate is for M.P.A. students only. M.P.P. students will not be assessed separate tuition for the internship; they will pay the M.P.P. program standard term tuition.                          

*International students pay an additional $1,227.75 per term.

$1,422.24 CAD *