As part of a collaborative program, the Ministry of Higher Education (EMHE) and Scientific Research of Egypt, represented in Canada by the Bureau Cultural au Canada (BCA), in conjunction with the University of Saskatchewan (USask), provides exceptional Egyptian graduate students with scholarship opportunities to pursue Master’s, Ph.D., and VRS studies through the BCAC-USask Partnership Program. EMHE aims to sponsor 1,000 graduate students from public universities to study/research overseas each year and welcomes applications from prospective fellows in all disciplines, but the preferred research and academic disciplines include:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Medical science and health
  • Agriculture and food security
  • Environment
  • Strategic industrial technology
  • Information technology communication, and space
  • Education and learning development
  • Investment, commerce, and transportation
  • Social science and humanities

Program overview

The BCAC agrees to annually sponsor applicants in three different categories:

Egyptian Full-Degree Master's Students

Egyptian Full-Degree PhD Students

Visiting Research Students (VRS)

For up to 24 months

For up to 48 months

For up to 12 months

How to apply

PhD and Master's Students

BCAC Fellows can find a program and follow the steps to apply to USask for admission (on the application form, you must indicate that you are BCAC Fellowship holder).

Visiting Research Students (BCAC Joint Supervision Scholars)

Visiting Research Students may conduct research with a supervisor only, and are not eligible to register in courses.

Follow the application steps to USask as a Visiting Research PhD student (VRS).


As prescribed by the BCAC-USask Partnership Program, applicants shall receive tuition support according to their category.