EDUCAFIN (JuventudES GTO) and the University of Saskatchewan (USask) have established a graduate co-funding program for candidates from the state of Guanajuato, Mexico to pursue Master and PhD studies at USask with funding provided jointly through EDUCAFIN (JuventudES GTO) and USask. USask is a member of CALDO.

Program overview


PhD Students

Master's Students

Number of selected applicants



Duration of funding

Up to four years

Up to two years

Guanajuato (Mexico) students must meet the eligibility requirements for both the USask academic program and the EDUCAFIN (JuventudES GTO) scholarship.

How to apply

How to apply to the EDUCAFIN (JuventudES GTO)—University of Saskatchewan Co-Funding Program:

  1. Apply to USask
  1. If the student is admitted, the University of Saskatchewan will provide:
  1. Steps to obtain EDUCAFIN Scholarship:


Mexican students seeking full master's or PhD degrees:




Cost of living

Living allowance, health insurance for PhD students for four years and two years for research-based master's students



Tuition cost covered

Tuition bursary equivalent to international differential tuition for four years for PhD students and two years for research-based master's students.

Contact information

Student Recruitment Team