The content below should not be used as an official measure of admissibility to a U of S graduate program. 

The following information is intended to act as a rough guide to assist prospective international students in estimating their eligibility. To receive an official evaluation of academic credentials and a grade conversion to a U of S admission average, an application for admission and application fee must be submitted.

The cumulative weighted average for admission to Master's programs is calculated from courses completed in the last two years of full-time study. For PhD admissions, the cumulative weighted average of the entire Master's degree is used.

Albania8 (Good) on a 10-point scale
Algeria12 out of 20
Argentina7 out of 10 (Bueno)
Armenia4 out of 5; 7.5 out of 10 ;Good; Diplome, Magistrosi Kochum
Australia70%; 6 out of 7; Second Class Honours Upper Division;
Austria2 out of 5 (reversed scale); Gut
Azerbaijan4 out of 5 (Good)
Bahamas3 out of 4; Second Class, Upper Division
Bahrain80%; 3 out of 4
Bangladesh60%; 3 out of 4; 60; First Class/Division
Belarus4 out of 5; 8 out of 10; Good
Belgium14/20 or "avec distinction" or "met onderscheiding"
BelizeB; Second Class Upper Division
Benin13 out of 20
Bhutan60%; First Class/Division
Bolivia75%; Bueno
Bosnia and Herzegovina4 out of 5
Botswana70%; Second Class, First Division
Brazil7 out of 10
Brunei/DarussalamSecond Class Honours (Upper Division)
Bulgaria4.5 out of 6
Burkina Faso15 out of 20
Cameroon12 out of 20
Central African Republic14 out of 20
Chad14 out of 20
Chile5 out of 7
China(People's Republic) 80%; 4 out of 5; B
China Macao SARB
Colombia3.5 out of 5
Commonwealth Caribbean RegionUpper Second Class Honours
Congo15 out of 20
Congo, Democratic Republic of (Zaire)60%
Costa Rica80%; 8 out of 10
Cote D’Ivoire14 out of 20
Croatia4 out of 5
Cuba80%; 4 out of 5
Cyprus80%; 3 out of 4; 7.5 out of 10
Czech Republic2 out of 5 (reversed scale); Very Good
Denmark7 out of 12 (after August 2007) 8 out of 13 (prior to August 2007)
Dominican Republic3 out of 4
Ecuador80%; 8 out of 10
Egypt75%; Very Good
El Salvador8 out of 10
EnglandSecond Class, Upper Division
Eritrea3.5 out of 4
Estonia4 out of 5
Ethiopia3 out of 4
Fiji3 out of 4; B
Finland2 out of 3; 3 out of 6; Cum Laude Approbatur
France13 out of 20
Gabon14 out of 20
Gambia3 out of 4.3; B
Georgia4 out of 5
Germany2.5 out of 6 (reversed scale); Gut
Ghana3 out of 4; B; Second Class, Upper Division
Greece7 out of 10
Guatemala80%; Very Good
Guinea13 out of 20
Honduras80%; Very Good
Hong Kong SAR ChinaSecond Class Honours Upper Division
Hungary4 out of 5
Iceland7 out of 10
India60%; 7 out of 10; First Class Standing/Division
Indonesia3 out of 4
Iran15 out of 20
Iraq70% in non science, 60% in science field
IrelandSecond Class, Upper Division
Italy24 out of 30
JamaicaSecond Class Honours, Upper Division
Japan70%; B
Kazakhstan4 out of 5
KenyaSecond Class Honours, Upper Division
Korea, Republic of82%; 3.3 out of 4.5
Kuwait80%; 6.5 out of 9
Kyrghyzstan4 out of 5
Lao People’s Demo Republic7.5 out of 10
Latvia4 out of 5
Lebanon75 - 80%; 3 out of 4; 15 out of 20
Lesotho75%; Second Class, First Division
Liberia3 out of 4; B
Lithuania7.5 out of 10
Luxembourg12 out of 20
Macau16 out of 20; 3 out of 4
Macedonia8 out of 10
Madagascar15 out of 20
MalaysiaSecond Class (Upper Division)
Mali14 out of 20
MaltaSecond Class Honours, Upper Division
Mauritania15 out of 20
MauritiusClass II, Division I
Mexico80%; 8 out of 10
Moldova8 out of 10
Montenegro8 out of 10
Morocco12 out of 20
Mozambique16 out of 20
Myanmar4 out of 5
NepalFirst Class/Division
Netherlands7 out of 10
New ZealandSecond Class (Division I)
Niger15 out of 20
NigeriaSecond Class Honours, Upper Division
Norway2.5 out of 6 (reversed scale)
Oman3 out of 4
Pakistan65%; First Class/Division
PalestineVery Good
Papua New GuineaClass II, Division A
Paraguay80%; 4/5; Very Good
Peru14 out of 20
Philippines2 out of 5 (reversed scale)
Poland4/5; Good
Portugal15 out of 20
Puerto Rico3 out of 4; 80%
Qatar4 out of 5
Romania7.5 out of 10
Russian Federation4 out of 5; Good
Rwanda80; Grande Distinction
Saudi Arabia80%; 3 out of 4; Very Good; B
Senegal14 out of 20
Serbia8 out of 10
ScotlandSecond Class, Upper Division
Sierra LeoneSecond Class Honours, Upper Division
SingaporeB; Second Class, Upper Division
Slovak Republic/Slovakia2 out of 5 (reversed scale ); Very Good
Slovenia8 out of 10
Somalia26 out of 30
South AfricaSecond Class, Division 1
Spain7.5 out of 10
Sri Lanka (Ceylon)60%; Upper Secondary
SwazilandSecond Class, First Division
Sweden4 out of 5; Väl Godkänd (Distinction)
Switzerland2 out of 5 (reversed scale); 3 out of 4; 5 out of 6; 6 out of 8; 7 out of 10
Taiwan75%; B
Tajikistan4 out of 5
TanzaniaSecond Class, Upper Level
Thailand3 out of 4
Togo15 out of 20
Trinidad and TobagoUpper Second Class Honours
Tunisia12 out of 20
Turkey70%; 3 out of 4; Good
Turkmenistan4 out of 5
UgandaClass II(i) Honours Upper
Ukraine4 out of 5
United Arab Emirates80%; B
United States3 out of 4
Uruguay8 out of 10
Uzbekistan4 out of 5
Venezuela3.5 out of 5; 7 out of 9; 14 out of 20
Vietnam7 out of 10; Good
WalesSecond Class, Upper Division
Yugoslavia (former)7.5 out of 10
ZambiaB+; Meritorious
ZimbabweSecond Division, Upper Level