Applicants who are Ecuadorian citizens, currently living in Ecuador, are eligible to apply for a SENESCYT scholarship to pursue any of the following at the U of S:

  1. A complete Master’s degree program, lasting up to 2 years; Students must be eligible for admission into a Master’s program.

  2. A complete doctoral degree program, lasting up to 4 yearsStudents must be eligible for admission into a PhD program.


Admission requirements

All applicants to a graduate program , must meet the minimum admission requirements of the College of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies (CGPS).

Applying to the U of S

The student must complete a formal online application.

Students should identify themselves as a SENESCYT applicant to the Graduate Secretary of their chosen program, and to  grad.recruit@usask.ca. This will assist us to identify these applications early and to provide the necessary supporting documentation and a timely decision so that the student’s scholarship application to the SENESCYT is not jeopardized.

  • The unit must make a conditional recommendation to admit, pending completion of bachelor’s degree for a Master's program or completion of master’s degree for a PhD program and official transcripts (if applicable), proof of English proficiency (if applicable), and/or certification of scholarship award from SENESCYT.

  • The CGPS will issue the offer of admission letter, including the conditions as specified in the Unit’s recommendation to admit the student.

Apply for a SENESCYT Scholarship

Students are responsible for their own applications for a SENESCYT scholarship.

For assistance or questions regarding individual applications, please contact the CGPS program consultant for your unit or  grad.recruit@usask.ca.