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Name Value
Agro Class of '43 60th Anniversary Award The number and value of awards to be determined.
Ajinomoto Heartland/Halchemix Scholarship $500
Albert Ernest Moss Scholarship $1,000
Alex Kavadas Memorial Scholarship To be determined annually
Alexander and Jean Auckland Agricultural Bursary Varies
Alexander Fraser Laidlaw Fellowship in Co-operation Scholarship $1,000
Alexander Malcolm Shaw Memorial Graduate Scholarship The number and value of awards will be determined by the financial resources available
Alexander Vitkowski Bursary $400
Alf Pepper Research Award $400
Alice Caplin Scholarship Value to be determined annually. Tenable for one year.
Alumni Association Post-Graduate Scholarship To be determined by the Awards Committee
Alumni Association Prize - Prince Albert - PGD $150
Alzheimer Society Research Program - Doctoral Award $22,000/year for 3 years.
Amy and Tim Dauphinee Scholarship $3,000
Andre Renaud Memorial Scholarships $1,000
Andrew Jamault Bursary $2,000
Annie I. Earle Award for Nurses Value to be determined annually. Tenable for one year.
Annie Palynchuk Scholarship $225 (approx.)
Apotex Graduate Award One annual award.

Master's: $20,000 plus $1,600 for travel and/or research activities;

PhD: $25,000 plus $2,000 for travel and/or research activities

Arctic Institute of North America - Scholarships, Awards, and Grants Varies according to the award
Areva Graduate Scholarship in Geological Sciences $21,000
Arthritis Society Donald Mitchell Memorial Award $1,000
Arthritis Society Entrance Award $1,500
Arthritis Society Talmage E. Hunt Gold Medal in Physical Therapy One Gold medal for a graduate at Fall convocation
Arthritis Society Wallace Graham Memorial Award $1,500
Arthur R. Brooks Memorial Prize in Entomology Varies annually
Arthur Smyth Memorial Scholarships Two awards in the amount of $9000 each
Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies
Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) Varies
Balfour W. Currie Graduate Scholarship To be determined
Barbara and Frank Pavelich Postgraduate Scholarship in Soil Science $3,500
Beatrice Z. Lick Scholarship $800
Bob and Rita Mirwald Travel Award One annual award to a maximum of $5,000 towards international travel or up to two awards to a maximum of $2,500 for North American travel.
British Columbia Cattlemen's Association Awards Varies
Bruce J. Milne Memorial Graduate Student Award $3,500
C. Paul W. and Marianne M. Ziehlke - Post-Graduate Bursary in Agriculture 2 awards at $5,000 each
C.I.M.M. (Saskatoon Section, Geology Division) Scholarship $1,000

CAGS/UMI Distinguished Dissertation Award A $1,500 prize, a Citation Certificate and travel expenses of up to $1,500 to attend the current CAGS Annual Conference.
Canada Council for the Arts - Grants to Professional Artists Program Amount varies with award
Canada Graduate Scholarships - Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplements Up to $6,000
Canadian Arthritis Network - Graduate PhD Award Master's degree candidates are eligible for $18,000 per year, for a maximum term of two years; PhD candidates are eligible for $21,000 per year, for a maximum term of three years.
Canadian Association on Gerontology - Awards & Bursaries Varies.
Canadian Bureau for International Education Scholarships for Canadians Varies
Canadian Cancer Society Research Institute - Grants & Awards Varies
Canadian Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Awards Varies
Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation (CEMF) - Claudette MacKay-Lassonde Scholarship $15,000
Canadian Foundation for Ukrainian Studies - Neporany Doctoral Fellowship Varies from $5000 - $20000
Canadian Heritage - Bursaries & Scholarships Varies according to award
Canadian Institute of Nordic Studies Graduate Scholarship Varies
Canadian Japanese Mennonite Scholarship $2,000
Canadian Journal of History Graduate Essay Prize $500
Canadian Mathematical Society (CMS) Doctoral Prize The Doctoral Prize consists of a framed certificate, an award of $500, a two-year membership with the CMS, and the opportunity to present a plenary lecture at a CMS meeting.
Canadian Nurses Foundation - Master and Doctoral Scholarships Varies
Canadian Physiotherapy Association Award One certificate & first year membership in the Canadian Physiotherapy Assoc with complimentary membership in all C.P.A. divisions
Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals (CRHP) Varies
Canadian Society for Chemistry Awards Varies
Canadian Society for the Study of Higher Education - Master's Thesis/Project Award The recipient will be invited, as a guest of the Society, to present a paper on the thesis or project during the annual CSSHE conference and will be presented with a Certificate of Merit as well a a complimentary CSSHE membership for one year.
Canadian Society of Agronomy - Pest Management Graduate Award $500 award; up to $1,000 travel grant
Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysicists Scholarships Varies
Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Graduate Scholarships $1,500
Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists Student Awards Varies
Canadian Society of Zoologists Awards Varies according to award.
Canadian Transportation Research Forum Scholarships for Graduate Study in Transportation $4,000 - $6,000
Canadian Water Resources Association Scholarship Varies
Carol Ann Foundation Bursaries Two bursaries of $500 awarded annually
CFUW - Canadian Federation of University Women Saskatoon Inc.
  • $1,750 each for Dr. Jean Murray Memorial, Dorothea Friebel, Bennee, CFUW Saskatoon Inc., and Jacqueline McKenzie Newstead Scholarships
  • $5,000 for Newstead Doctoral Scholarship
  • CFUW - Canadian Home Economics Association (CHEA) Fellowship $6,000
    CFUW - Fellowships and Awards CFUW Dr. Grant - $11,500
    CFUW M. Philp - $3,500
    CFUW B Jackson - $2,000

    CFUW - Ruth Binnie Fellowship $6,000
    CFUW 1989 Ecole Polytechnique Commemorative Award One award of $5,000 for masters study and one award of $7,000 for doctoral level study
    CFUW Bourse Georgette Lemoyne $5,000
    CFUW Dr. Alice E. Wilson Awards Two awards at the masters level and two for doctoral level study, valued at $5,000 each.
    CFUW Dr. Margaret McWilliams Pre-Doctoral Fellowship $11,000
    CFUW Elizabeth Massey Award $4,000
    CFUW Memorial Fellowship $8,000
    China/Canada Scholars Exchange Program The award includes:
  • tuition fees;
  • basic living allowance;
  • on-campus accommodation;
  • medical insurance;
  • teaching and research materials; and
  • transportation to and from the destination in China via the most cost-effective route through Beijing or Shanghai. Travel arrangements must be made by the scholarship administrator authorized by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. Meals and accommodation will be provided by the Chinese Ministry of Education during stopovers in Beijing/Shanghai en route to the final destination.
  • Claire Kramer Award in Nursing To be determined by the Award Committee.
    Clarence R. Forsberg Memorial Scholarship $3,200
    Class of '43 60th Anniversary Award $2,500
    COGECO Graduate Communications Scholarship The specific annual amount (not more than $10,000) of the scholarship will be determined by the Selection Committee, based on the financial resources available and subject to University practices and procedures with respect to trust value preservation. This scholarship is renewable at the discretion of the Awards Committee.
    College of Education Scholarship Fund Two awards available annually, valued at a minimum of $1,000 each.
    College of Law Scholarship To be determined annually
    College of Medicine Graduate Scholarships
    Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan Varies by country. See website.
    Costume Society of America Awards Varies
    Craven SPORT Services: Sport Physiotherapy M.P.T. Student Prize $500
    CSPG/BP Canada Scholarship $1,250
    Cyril Tobias Memorial Aboriginal Awards Varies
    D. Ronald Bell Arthritis Physical Therapy Student Award Approximately $1,000, depending on the funds available at the time of award.
    Dairy Farmers of Canada Award One award annually, valued at $700
    Dave De Brou Memorial Scholarship in History Minimum $1,000
    David L. Kaplan Music Scholarship Varies
    Della Morgan Bursary in Pharmacy $750
    Delta Waterfowl and Wetlands Graduate Student Support Varies
    Dennis Pattinson Memorial Scholarship Up to $2,500 per year, divided into two equal units.
    Dick and Mary Edney Masters Scholarship for International Understanding through the Humanities & Fine Arts The initial grant of 12 months will be slightly above the amount of a University of Saskatchewan Masters Scholarship and may be renewed for a further 12 months. In addition an accountable expense grant (up to $1,000) and an accountable international (outside Canada and the US) travel grant (up to $3,000).
    May not be held concurrently with a University scholarship, fellowship or other major scholarship.
    Dollie Hantelman Agriculture Scholarships $1,000
    Don and Jo McLeod Scholarship in Electrical Engineering $2,000
    Donald Jamieson Fellowship in Structural Engineering $5000
    Douglas Patton Hogg Memorial Award $1,500
    Dr. Alfred E. Slinkard Scholarship $20,000, renewable if student's progress is satisfactory.
    Dr. and Mrs. E. M. von Rudloff Bursary Varies
    Dr. Dennis Shute Memorial Award Approximately $600.
    Dr. Don Peer Bursary in Beekeeping One award of $2,000 available annually.
    Dr. F. V. MacHardy Graduate Fellowship in Grasslands Management $4,500
    Dr. Frederick Mechner Barnard Scholarship One or more annual awards based upon the financial resources available
    Dr. George Simpson Memorial Scholarship in History A single award is offered - amount to be determined annually.
    Dr. Gerhard Herzberg Doctoral Promotion Award $2,000
    Dr. Gerhard Herzberg Fellowship $5,000
    Dr. Gerhard Herzberg Memorial Scholarship in Chemistry $5,000 plus reimbursement for expenses incurred in moving to Saskatoon to a maximum of $3,000.
    Dr. Gerhard Herzberg Memorial Scholarship in Physics Approximately $20,000
    Dr. Gerhard Herzberg Thesis Acceleration Award This award is equivalent to the teaching assistantship & devolved scholarship portions of a student’s stipend and is paid out over a period of up to 12 months. Payments are initiated on Sept 1, Jan 1, or an alternate date at the discretion of the Department Head. The award is in addition to the research stipend.
    Dr. J. A Campbell Research Fund Up to $25,000
    Dr. J.D. (Jack) Mollard Graduate Scholarship $500
    Dr. Kay Whale Memorial Book Prize To be determined by selection committee.
    Dr. M.U. Hosain Graduate Scholarship in Structural Engineering $5,000
    Dr. Norman Ward Memorial Scholarship $1,000
    Dr. O. Kenneth Johannson Scholarship $500 per annum. Up to 5 awards may be made per annum.
    Dr. Robert E. Redmann Graduate Scholarship in Plant Sciences $1,000
    Dr. Roger Rimmer Award for Excellence in Graduate Research $18,000 each. The number of awards is determined by SaskCanola each year and will be based on the review of the documents submitted to determine thesis programs suitable to SaskCanola.
    Dr. Rui Feng Graduate Studies Award One annual award of approximately $15,000.
    Dr. Singaram Naidoo Bursary for International Students Value to be determined annually. Tenable for one year.
    Dr. Theodore R. Hartz Graduate Scholarship in Physics Varies.
    Dr. Viktor A. Pollak and Mirka B. Pollak Cardiology Research Fund Award Determined by the Fund Committee based on the financial resources available.
    Dr. Viktor A. Pollak and Mirka B. Pollak Scholarship $2,000
    Drope Family Fund $1,000, or as determined by the Award Committee.
    Dye Family Award in Huskie Men's Hockey To be determined
    Earthwatch Institute Research Programs Varies
    Education Graduate Bursary TBA, approximately $2,000.
    Edwards School of Business MBA Entrance Award $10,000
    Elisa Rieder Memorial Award $1,000
    Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation Awards First grants are in the amount of CAD $15,000 each, and subsequent grants are in the amount of CAD $18,000 each. The Foundation reserves the right to award grants in other amounts.
    Elizabeth Helen McLeod Scholarship $3,500. The award may be shared between two recipients.
    Elsie and Arthur Rose Memorial Award Approximately $300
    Engineers Canada Scholarship Program Varies according to award
    Entomological Society of Canada Approximately $2000 - varies with award
    Entomological Society of Saskatchewan - Student Presentation Award Varies annually
    Entomological Society of Saskatchewan - Travel Award The award shall consist of a cash prize. More than one award may be issued, but the total amount is not to exceed $500 per Entomological Society of Saskatchewan fiscal year.
    Ernest and Isabella Forsman Bursary Value to be determined annually. Tenable for one year.
    ESL Bursary for International Students (CGSR) Varies depending upon classes.
    Eva Safian Memorial Scholarship $4,000
    F. J. Fear Pharmacy Scholarship Up to $1,000 annually.
    Fellowship in International Development Management
    Focus Bursary $1,000
    Ford Post-Graduate Scholarship $4,000
    Foreign Government Awards Program Although all of the awards are similar in nature, the value of each award is determined by the offering country. Most awards cover travel to and from the host country, tuition and registration fees, and a monthly living allowance. Several awards also cover books, mandatory health and accident insurance and various other allowances.
    Foundation Fighting Blindness Graduate Student Award $20,000 per year for up to 3 years
    Francois Fiessinger Scholarships Doctoral and post-doctoral scholarships are awarded yearly up to $12,000 each, paid monthly, and are renewable for two additional years (a total of three years). Master's scholarships are awarded for an amount up to $5,000 per year, renewable for a total of two years.
    Frank Enns Athletic Award Varies
    Fred H. Smith Bursary $1,000
    Fred Heal Graduate Award for the Saskatchewan River Basin $900
    Frederick Wheeler & W.H.T. Spary Graduate Scholarship To be determined by the Awards Committee
    Friends & Family of Physical Therapy Memorial Scholarship One or more awards of up to $1,000 based on the financial resources available.
    Gabriel Dumont College (GDC) Graduate Student Bursary Program $10,000, or another amount as determined by the Selection Committee
    Gary Bortolotti Graduate Award in Ecology or Animal Behaviour $1,000
    Geddes Graduate Scholarship in Computer Science To be determined by the award committee
    George and Arlene Loewen Family Bursaries Four bursaries of equal value will be awarded each year. The value of the awards will be determined by the Award Committee.
    George Baxter Doctoral Studies Awards $5,000
    George Carter Scholarships $5,000
    George Ira Hanson Post-Graduate Award in Energy Research $1,000
    George S. Dembroski Master of Science in Finance Award One or more annual awards of equal value, for a total expenditure of $15,000 annually.
    Gerald Sharp Memorial Scholarship in Range Management $200
    Gerry "Git" Rempel Memorial Graduate Scholarship The value of the award will be determined by the Awards Committee
    Girl Guides of Canada - Dr. Roberta Bondar Scholarship $2,000 (2 recipients)
    Global Sustainable Electricity Partnership - ESED Scholarship Masters: $23,000 US for up to two years; Post-Doctoral: $30,000 US for up to two years
    Goaltender Award in Huskie Mens Hockey One award of $3,500 annually
    Gold Medal in Physical Therapy One engraved gold medal
    Gordon McCormack Memorial Graduate Scholarship for Native Students $800 available for a graduate scholarship
    Government Finance Officers Association (CGOA) - Daniel B. Goldberg Scholarship $10,000
    Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) - Frank L. Greathouse Government Accounting Scholarship Two awards of $5,000 each
    Government Finance Officers Association (GFOA) - Minorities in Government Finance Scholarship $5,000
    Graduate Students' Association Bursaries Varies
    Grandey Leadership MBA Entrance Award $9,000
    Grandey MBA Entrance Prize One annual award valued at $2,500
    Great-West Life Business Education Bursary $1,000 awarded annually.
    Gunnar Hagblom Scholarship $1,000
    Guy Vetrie Memorial Fund To be determined
    H.B. (Bruno) Schiefer Graduate Student Travel Award To be determined.
    Hader Scholarship for MS Research Scholarship $16,000 per year for M.Sc. Students; $19,000 per year for Ph.D. students. Both categories are renewable.
    Hammer Limnology Scholarship $750
    Hantelman Humanities Scholarships $1,000 each - approximately nine awarded each year
    Harold E. Johns Scholarship in Physics One scholarship available annually. Value to be determined.
    Harris & Lauretta and Raymond Earl Parr Memorial Scholarships in Agriculture Varies
    Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation Dissertation Fellowship $20,000 each
    Hartley & Margaret Fredeen Scholarship in Co-operatives Studies $4,000
    Harvey Graduate Scholarship To be determined by the Awards Committee. This award is renewable if eligibility requirements are met.
    Herb R. and Marian H. Clark Scholarship $1,500 to be reviewed annually
    Hill's Pet Nutrition Canada Inc - Outstanding Intern Award $500
    History of Education Research Award Maximum of $200
    Holland Bloorview Kids' Rehabilitation Hospital - Pursuit Award First prize - $7,500
    Second prize - $2,500
    Third prize - $1,000
    Travel and accommodation costs to present at the award ceremony will be covered.
    Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme See website for more details
    Hope Haanen Memorial Scholarship in Dairy Science One annual award, valued at $1,000
    Hope Hunt Scholarship To be determined by the Awards Committee
    Howard and Marge Adams Award $3,000
    Hugh Nicholson Memorial Scholarship To be determined on an annual basis by the Selection Committee.
    Hugh Ross MacKenzie Memorial Post-Graduate Research Scholarship $4,000
    Huskie Alumni's Award in Huskie Men's Hockey To be determined

    Huskie Football Scholarship Foundation Award To be determined
    IDRC Canadian Window on International Development Awards Varies
    Incentive/Shared Funding Graduate Student Scholarship (ISFGSS) $15,000.MSc; $18,000. PhD. Up to four scholarships may be awarded annually.
    Institute of Space and Atmospheric Studies Award Credit at the University of Saskatchewan bookstore.
    International Council for Canadian Studies - Graduate Student Scholarships Twelve awards per year. The amount of the scholarship will be up to CDN$3,500 for all expenses. Smaller awards may be made.
    International Council for Canadian Studies - Publishing Fund Varies
    International Council on Women's Health Issues Scholarship One annual award valued at $1,000
    IODE War Memorial Scholarship for Doctoral Scholarships Five scholarships of $15,000 each for study in Canada or within the Commonwealth.
    Ireland Canada University Foundation (ICUF) - Craig Dobbin Scholarships $7,000
    Isabel María López Martínez Memorial Scholarship The scholarship my be valued at up to $15,000, depending on the funds available. A scholarship may be awarded for a second year pending availability of funds and satisfactory progress of the applicant. There is no teaching requirement for the holder of the award.
    Ishwar Gupta Dissertation Prize in Physics & Engineering Physics Value will be determined by the financial resources available
    Ivan and Margaret Toutloff Bursaries Two bursaries, valued at $2,000 each
    Ivo Lambi Memorial Fund The number and value of the award to be determined by the Award Committee based on the financial resources available. Each award will be valued at not less than $500.
    J. D. MacFarlane Scholarship $1,000
    J. H. Richards Graduate Award One annual award of at least $500.
    J. H. Stewart Reid Memorial Fellowship At least $5,000
    J. Manton Award One engraved award.
    J. S. Kim Graduate Award Trust To be determined.
    J.B. Harley Research Fellowships in the History of Cartography Approximately £400 per week for up to four weeks.
    Jack and Clara Milavsky Graduate Assistance Fund Two awards of $1,000 each.
    Jack Henry Meek Memorial Fund $1,000
    James Newstead Memorial Award The award is intended to pay two consecutive one-year memberships in the American Society for Cell Biology.
    James W. Bourque Studentship in Northern Geography $5,000
    Joan Eaton Memorial Award One annual award of $250.
    Joel and Lilly Green Memorial Award in English Literature $1,800
    John and Lois Lamont Graduate Scholarship $3,000
    John Baerg Scholarship Fund 2 equal awards (one bursary, one scholarship); amounts variable
    John Blake Memorial Post-Graduate Scholarship 2 awards at $600 each.
    John Larson Cancer Research Trust Fund To be determined by the Awards Committee
    John Spencer Middleton and Jack Spencer Gordon Middleton Graduate Bursaries Varies.
    John Wickhorst Memorial Scholarship $2,000
    Johnson-Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy Gradute Student Award Fund
    Jordan Velestuk Graduate Scholarship in Political Studies $1,000.
    Joseph Zlacky Scholarship $2,000 annually
    Kappa Kappa Gamma Foundation of Canada Scholarship for Canadian Women Two scholarships of $2500 each
    Karl C. Ivarson Agricultural Scholarship Master's - $10,000
    PhD - $15,000
    Kathleen Fraser Prescott Daykin Scholarships (Daykin/Prescott Estate) Three at a value of $2,000 each.
    Kidney Foundation of Canada - Allied Health Scholarships and Fellowships $31,000
    Kidney Foundation of Canada Biomedical Fellowships Value to be determined depending on experience
    Kramer Ltd. Scholarship $5,500
    L. H. Hantelman Agriculture Scholarships Varies.
    Leads Award in Educational Administration $500
    Lee H. Forsythe Award Up to $1,000, based on resources available
    Lemaire Co-operative Studies Award $1,000 to $3,000
    London Goodenough Association of Canada Scholarship program Six or more scholarships with a value up to £4,800 each.
    Lownsbrough Memorial Scholarship in Education The scholarship amount and number will be determined according to funds available and may be renewable.
    Lucy D. Willis Scholarship Value will be determined annually. Tenable for one year.
    Mackenzie King Open Scholarship Has been $9,000 lately but is subject to change.
    Mackenzie King Travelling Scholarship Four travelling scholarship of $11,000 awarded lately, but number and value subject to change (Canada wide)

    MacKenzie Scholarship $2,000
    Malcolm A. Ramsay Memorial Award $1,000
    Maltman McGill Award in Huskie Men's Hockey To be determined
    Mandel Scientific Student Poster Award for Research Excellence in Toxicology First Place - $300
    Second Place - $200
    Third Place - $100
    Margaret Inglis Graduate Bursary in Nursing Varies.
    Margaret MacKay Scholarship The value of the award will depend on the accumulated endowment.
    Margaret Skeel Graduate Student Scholarship $2000
    Marj Braid Bursary in Physical Therapy Two bursaries of $1,250 each.
    Mary Hallett Research Award Up to $1,000
    Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) Student Research Travel Award As determined by the Award Committee based on the financial resources available - $1,000 for Canadian conferences; $1,500 for international conferences
    Matsumae International Foundation Research Fellowship Program ¥200,000 yen is provided monthly for the purpose of payment of tuition, expenses for research materials, lodging, meals transportation, etc. - further details available on website listed below
    MBA-DVM Entrance Award Up to five annual awards with a minimum value of $10,000 each.
    McCourt Memorial Fellowship Between $1,500 - $2,000
    McPherson Graduate Scholarship in History One annual award, the value determined by the Award Committee based on the financial resources available.
    Mensa Canada Scholarships $1000
    Merial Award $500
    Messer Canadian History Award Up to $3,000.00
    Molson Canada Scholarship One annual award of $2,000.
    Moxon Scholarship for Graduate Studies in Law Variable
    MPAcc Class of 2011 Award One annual award valued at $1,000.
    Mrs. Jane Pinkney & Dr. George H. Peacock Memorial Scholarship in Cancer Care or Research in Nursing One annual award with a minimum value of $500
    Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada Research Studentships Masters Studentship Awards (Clinical and Population Health only): $18,000/yr;
    PhD Studentship Awards: 20,000/yr;
    PhD Studentship Awards (for those who hold an MD): $48,500/yr
    Muriel E. Kavanagh Memorial Fund Value to be determined annually.
    Muriel J. Clancy Bursary One bursary, the value of which will be determined by the College of Graduate Studies & Research.
    Myrtle and Dave Surjik Schizophrenia Research Scholarship Up to $10,000 per annum, renewable.
    Myrtle Evangeline Crawford Scholarship Value to be determined annually.
    N. Muray Edwards MBA Entrance Award Three annual awards of $10,000
    N. Murray Edwards MBA - MD Entrance Award One annual award of $10,000
    N.W. Tymchyshyn Memorial Award $1,000
    Napoleon LaFontaine Scholarship Program $2,000
    Nathan Reingold Prize The winner receives a $500 cash prize and up to $500 travel reimbursement for attending the annual meeting.
    National Cancer Institute of Canada Awards - Research Studentships The present value of all Ssudentships is $22,500 per annum. The NCIC’s stipend scale is subject to annual review. Payments will be made in quarterly installments (July, October, January and April).
    National Dairy Leadership Scholarship Approximately $3,000
    National Defence and the Canadian Armed Forces Fellowship & Scholarship Awards Program Varies.
    National Gallery of Canada Research Fellowships Awards can be up to $5,000 a month, including expenses and stipend, to a maximum of $30,000. Fellowships are not renewable.
    Norm Bromberger Research Bursary $2,000
    Norma Fulton Scholarship in Graduate Studies Two awards $1,000 each
    Norman and Kathleen Lean Post-Graduate Scholarship in Agriculture $800
    Northern Scientific Training Program Grants will not normally exceed $5,000. Successful applicants may be funded for successive years, but each year's support must be requested separately.
    NSERC - Alexander Graham Bell Canada Graduate Scholarships and NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships - Doctoral CGS PhD - $35,000/year (2 or 3 years)
    PGS PhD - $21,000/year (2 or 3 years)
    NSERC - Environment Canada Atmospheric Science and Meteorology $5,000/year for up to two years.
    NSERC - Industrial Postgraduate Scholarships (IPS) $15,000/year for up to three years, plus a minimum company contribution of $6,000 per year.
    NSERC - Summer Program in Japan or Taiwan $3,000 plus travel and living expenses, for eight weeks

    NSERC - Undergraduate Student Research Awards Program (USRA) These awards have a value of $4,500 for a full 16-week period. Universities are required to supplement the amount of the award by at least 25% of its value using other sources, such as university funds, NSERC grants, or any other research funds.
    O. M. Elviss Post-Graduate Scholarship in Agriculture $1,500
    O'Brien Foundation Fellowships Each successful candidate may receive such sum in the discretion of the Committee up to $15,000 per annum. Awards granted during the last five years have ranged up to $10,000.
    Oliver Symes Memorial Scholarship $1,000
    Organization of American States (OAS) Graduate Fellowships Maximum of $30,000
    Orville Erickson Memorial Scholarship Fund Up to $4,000.
    Osgoode Society Graduate Research Support Programmes Varies
    Paul and Carol Hill Harvard Broadcasting Awards in Music Three annual awards of $5,000, one undergraduate and two graduate awards.
    Paulden F. and Dorathea I. Knowles Scholarship 4 awards at $2,000 each
    Pedersen Scholarships $3,000
    Perkin Elmer Life Science Toxicology Innovation & Leadership Award $500
    Petroleum Technology Research Centre (PTRC) 10th Anniversary Graduate Student Scholarship $5,000
    Pfizer Canada Centennial Research Award The scholarship is valued at $5,000 annually; award may be shared between 2 recipients.
    Pfizer Fellowship Award $600
    Phebe Winifred Rowles Memorial Scholarship in Political Studies Single award - amount to be determined annually.
    Physical Therapy Student Society Spirit Award One $50 bookstore prize.
    Professor C.C. Lee Memorial Bursary $3,000
    Professor Ross Ashford Memorial Fund To be determined from time to time by the Department of Plant Sciences.
    PRT Cellfor Inc. Graduate Scholarship $1,000
    PTH 992 Major Project Award Each member of the winning group will receive an award of $100 in recognition of their work. This is presented annually at the graduation banquet.
    Purdy Agriculture Scholarship $1,200
    Putnam Family Memorial Award One renewable award of $7,500
    Queen Elizabeth II Centennial Aboriginal Scholarship $20,000
    Queen Elizabeth II Scholarship $20,000
    R. A. Yackulic Prize Approximately $300
    R. Jan F. Smith Memorial Scholarship $2,000
    R. Lal Kushwaha Gradaute Scholarship $1,000
    Ramsey Post Graduate Fellowship $3,500
    Rene Vandeveld Post-Graduate Scholarships in Crop Science 5 awards at $2,000 each.
    Reproductive Science & Medicine Fellowship 2-4 annual fellowships of no more than $5,000 each.
    Research Fellowship Program - Aurora Research Institute Up to $6,000
    Research Grants in Ukrainian and Ukrainian Canadian Studies Various
    Rhea Ritchie Scholarship in Human Nutrition Up to $11,000 per annum, renewable once.
    Rhodes Scholarships Approx. $50,000 Canadian per annum
    Robert & Brenda Gordon Business Catalyst MBA Awards Five annual awards valued at $10,000 each
    Robert Ernest Guy Memorial Scholarship The number and value of the award(s) will be determined by the Awards Committee.
    Robert F. Horner Memorial Scholarship Approximately $1,200
    Robert P. Knowles Scholarship Master's - $20,000/year plus tuition (2.5 yrs.)
    PhD - $25,000/year plus tuition (4 yrs.)
    $5,000 travel allowance, which may be used over the life of the award.
    Robert R. Moffat Memorial Scholarship To be determined by the Awards Committee
    Robin P. Armstrong Award for Excellence in Native Studies
  • A cash prize of $500, based on the funds available in the Robin P. Armstrong Memorial Fund;
  • Nation-wide publication of the winner's name on the CAG Web site
  • Robson Bursary for Graduate Students One annual $5,000 award.
    Roderick Alan McLean Memorial Bursary $3,500
    Roman and Sonia Stratychuk Graduate Scholarship The number and value of awards to be determined by the Award Committee for the College of Graduate Studies and Research.
    Ron George Graduate Award in English Literature One annual award based on the financial resources available, as determined by the English Award Committee.
    It is anticipated that the award value will be approximately $1,000.
    Ross Purse Doctoral Fellowship One fellowship is awarded annually to a qualified applicant. Each fellowship is valued at up to CAD$12,500, to be paid in three equal installments.
    Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarships Varies with length of award.
    Roy Atkinson Scholarship Will be determined annually.
    Russell Haid Graduate Scholarships Varies
    S. N. Horner Graduate Scholarship in Agriculture 3 awards at $750 each.
    Sally Purdon Memorial Award in Physical Therapy $1,000
    sanofi Graduate Scholarship in Pharmacy One annual award of $2,500.
    Sanofi Graduate Scholarship in Pharmacy $2,500
    Sanofi-aventis Scholarship in Pharmacy $2,000
    Sarkar Family Student Achievement Award $500 awarded annually.
    Saskatchewan Association of Health Organizations Award $1,000 awarded annually
    Saskatchewan Council of Educational Administration Graduate Scholarships $500
    Saskatchewan Gerontology Association Bursary $500 per annum, renewable once.
    Saskatchewan Government & General Employees' Union Education Bursary Program Varies.
    Saskatchewan Health Bursary Program Bursary amounts range from $2,000 to $15,000, for a maximum of one year of funding.
    Saskatchewan Health Bursary Program - Clinical Placement Bursaries Bursary amounts range from $3,000 to $7,000 per year for a maximum of two years, depending on the length of program, education level and discipline. The number of bursaries varies.
    Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists Post-Graduate Scholarship $2,500.
    Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment Fish & Wildlife Development Fund Award Four awards of $5,000 each.
    Saskatchewan Physiotherapy Association Prize $500
    Saskatchewan Pulse Crop Development Board Don Jaques Memorial Fellowship $20,000 awarded annually. The fellowship may be renewed for a second and third year if progress in the program is satisfactory. A second fellowship will be awarded to another student only after the first fellowship has been terminated.
    Saskatchewan Reading Council Award for Research in Reading Approximately $500.
    Saskatoon Russian Cultural Club Joseph and Mabel Fofonoff Language Scholarship $400
    SaskMilk Graduate Scholarship One annual award of $1,500.
    SCA/CGNA Nursing Scholarships Varies depending on the scholarship awarded
    School of Physical Therapy - Director's Award One $50 bookstore prize.
    Scotiabank Aboriginal Business Education Award $10,000
    Scott Truitt Memorial Book Prize $200 book prize annually
    Senior Women Academic Administrators of Canada - Graduate Student Award of Merit At least three awards, each in the amount of $2,500.
    Shastri Indo-Canadian Institute - Grants & Awards for Canadian Students Varies according to award
    Shelley Coolidge Huskie Women's Hockey Athletic Award Varies
    Sikh Society of Saskatchewan Bursary $1,200
    Sir James Lougheed Awards of Distinction Awards are valued at up to $15,000 for the Master's level study and up to $20,000 for Doctoral level study.
    Sister Ann O'Brien Scholarship valued at $1,000 (full-time) or $500 (part-time) annually.
    Smithsonian Institution Fellowship Opportunities Varies
    Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) - Impact Awards Varies depending on award
    Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Talent Program - Master's and PhD Scholarships CGS PhD - $35,000/year (3 years)
    PGS PhD - $20,000/year (1, 2, 3 or 4 years)
    Soroptimist Foundation of Canada Grants For Women Graduate Students $7,500
    Sport Information Resource Centre (SIRC) Canadian Research Award Winners receive $2,000, a SIRC Membership, media coverage, inclusion in the SIRC Collection and international exposure to the sport and academic community through SIRC’s publishing channels.
    St. John Ambulance Bursaries Varies.
    Stephanson Cooke Award in Nursing $3,500
    Student Travel Award
    Sukumar Chandrasekhar Memorial Scholarship Approximately $200 per annum.
    Susan Willigar Prize in English $1,000
    Syngenta Scholarship in Sustainable Agriculture One scholarship awarded annually. Value varies.
    T. C. Vanterpool Memorial Prize $1,000
    T. F. (Fred) and Alice Mollard Memorial Scholarship $1,600
    Taylor A. Steeves Graduate Award in Botany $1,000
    TD Bank Financial Group Aboriginal Graduate Bursary in Education Approximately $2,000
    Telecommunications Research Laboratories (TR Labs) Scholarship - $12,000
    NSERC Fellowship top-up - $6,000
    The Canadian Association of Geographers (CAG) - Starkey-Robinson Award The award is a cash prize, currently a single award of $500. The number and value of awards made annually will be determined from time to time by the Executive Committee of the CAG.
    The Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals (CRHP) Student Award in Respiratory Health Up to six awards of $500
    The Circle of Founders Aboriginal Graduate Program Bursary Fund Approximately $500 to $3,000 per award.
    The Community Forestry: Trees and People - John G. Bene Fellowship The award will cover justifiable field research expenses up to CA$15,000 per year. Candidates may apply for funding renewal for a second year of field work if the research requires a second season of data collection. Renewals are an exception, however, and are provided for research that may need to deal with the uncertainties of growing seasons and climatic conditions that affect data collection.
    The Elizabeth Brewster Memorial Scholarship One or more annual awards, the value of which to be determined by the financial resources available.
    The Ferguson Graduate Student Leadership Award To be determined by the Awards Committee.
    The Getty Foundation Research Grants Varies according to the grant.
    The Harry Toop Memorial Prize in Scientific Writing One prize annually, the value of which will be determined by the College of Graduate Studies and Research.
    The Helen Hobbs Bursary in Gerontolgoical Nursing One or more annual awards with a minimum value of $1,000
    The International Development Research Centre Doctoral Research Awards The award will cover justifiable field research expenses up to CA$20,000 a year. The budget covers one return trip from Canada to the developing country or countries. It also covers housing, food, insurance, travel within the country(ies) of research, and several field research expenses. The award does not support expenses related to your relatives, spouse, or children.
    The International Development Research Centre Research Awards Research award recipients holding award tenure in Canada in 2013 receive an annual salary ranging from CA$38,248 to CA$44,276, depending on qualifications and experience. Some travel and research expenses are also supported, up to a maximum of CA$10,000. Salaries and benefits for research award recipients located in our regional offices may vary. See the website for more details.
    The ITEP Graduate Scholarship in Education One annual award of $1,000
    The Keith Gilmore Foundation Scholarships Varies
    The Law Society of Saskatchewan - Awards & Scholarships To be determined annually.
    The Lung Association/Canadian Respiratory Health Professionals (CRHP) - Research Grant Awards Up to $25,000 to respiratory health professionals who are members of the CRHP
    The Lung Association/Canadian Thoracic Society (CTS) - Research Fellowship Awards Varies according to the award. See the website for more details.
    The Nexen PhD Scholarship in Energy, Environment, and Sustainability $30,000 per year, for 3 years ($90,000 total)
    The Robert Falside Stoddart Memorial Scholarship One annual award, the value of which to be determined by the financial resources available.
    The Taube Medal The medal will normally be awarded annually.
    The Terrance L. Cameron Award The number and value of the award(s) to be determined by the Award Committee based on the financial resources available.
    The Western Grains Research Foundation Endowment Fund Graduate Scholarship Either two awards of a minimum of $25,000 per year for Masters students or one award of a minimum of $33,333 per year for three years for a PhD student.
    Timlin Award for the Best MA Project/Thesis in Economics During the Preceding Two Years One prize of $500 every two years.
    Tom and Dorothy Boyd Fund Student Awards and Travel Scholarships - Performing and Fine Arts The number and value of awards will be determined by the Award Committee based on the annual allocation available from the trust.
    Traditional Fulbright Scholar Awards $25,000 US for a full academic year (nine months) or $12,500 for one semester. Basic health insurance is also provided.
    Transportation Association of Canada (TAC) Foundation Scholarships Varies depending on award.
    Tri-Council Master's Graduate Scholarships (CIHR/NSERC/SSHRC) $17,500 for one year
    Trudeau Foundation Doctoral Scholarships $40,000 with a travel allowance of up to $20,000 per year.
    Scholarships will be tenable for up to three years.
    University of Saskatchewan Dean's Scholarship Master's - $18,000 for two years
    PhD - $22,000 for three years
    University of Saskatchewan Faculty Association (USFA) Scholarship Fund Varies
    University of Saskatchewan Graduate Research Assistantships $18.51 hour
    University of Saskatchewan Graduate Research Fellowship $16,000 for one year, non-renewable
    University of Saskatchewan Graduate Scholarship Ph.D.: $20,000 (may be tenable for up to 36 months); Master's Thesis: $16,000 (may be tenable for up to 24 months).
    University of Saskatchewan Graduate Service Fellowships Value: approximately $5,400 The student is expected to provide an average of 12 hours per week of service related to the project over a 4 month period.
    University of Saskatchewan Graduate Teaching Assistantship $18.51 hour
    University of Saskatchewan Graduate Teaching Fellowships Approximately $13,000 for the September to April session. Continuing students who meet eligibility requirements will receive a Summer Scholarship for the following May to August period of $4,000. Annual value: approximately $17,000.
    University of Saskatchewan Graduate Thesis Awards/Governor General's Gold Medal $500 (offered by the College of Graduate Studies and Research and the Office of the Vice-President Academic).
    The top two Ph. D. students who receive a University of Saskatchewan Doctroal Thesis Award will also each receive a Governor General's Gold Medal.
    University of Saskatchewan Teacher Scholar Doctoral Fellowship $20,000 for one year, non-renewable
    University Student Assistance Program Variable.
    V.J. Cottrell Award $50 bookstore prize.
    Vale Master's in Engineering Scholarship $10,000
    Value Added Cereals 1995 Fund To be determined annually.
    Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship $50,000/year for three years.
    Vatican Film Library Mellon Fellowship Program The scholarship provides travel expenses and a living allowance of $2250 USD per month for two to eight weeks.
    Vetoquinol Anesthesia/Pain Management Award One award annually valued at $1,000.00
    Vetoquinol Epidemiology/Food Safety Award One award valued annually at $1,000.00
    Vince Matthews Memorial Bursary $1,000
    Viscount Bennett Fellowship Approximately $40,000
    Vivian Williams and Arthur Silver Morton Memorial Travel Scholarship Up to a total value of $1,000
    WAGS Distinguished Master's Thesis Award The Award consists of a Certificate of award, a cash prize of $1,000 (US), and travel expenses for the student and/or faculty thesis advisor to receive the Award at the annual meeting held in the Spring.
    WAGS/UMI Innovation in Technology Award $500, certificate and travel expenses for the recipient to receive the award at the WAGS annual meeting.
    Walter C. Sumner Memorial Foundation Fellowships Approximately 40 felllowships, valued at $6,000, will be awarded each year at the discretion of the Foundation.
    Welch Foundation Scholarship Approximately $15,000 (US)
    Wildlife Preservation Canada'a New Noah Program Travel, living, and training expenses will be covered by Wildlife Preservation Canada.
    William Rowles Fellowship in Physics and Engineering Physics $10,000
    Winnipeg Commodity Exchange Centennial Fund One award of $10,000 to be paid in quarterly installments, based on satisfactory progress reports and full-time status in good standing
    Wolfe Family Graduate Student Scholarships $3,000 with a possibility of renewal, depending upon financial resources available.
    Zonta International Foundation Amelia Earhart Fellowship Awards $10,000 US