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CFUW - Canadian Federation of University Women Saskatoon Inc.

Description: The Saskatoon club of the Canadian Federation of University Women (CFUW) was formed in 1918 by fifteen university graduates. One of the mandates of the CFUW is to empower women and girls, particularly through education. From its early inception, scholarship awards and loans to help students in need were a focus of the Saskatoon club. Awards are funded by generous donations from individuals and from the annual book sale operated each fall.
There are six graduate scholarships awarded by CFUW Saskatoon Inc.
  • $1,750 each for Dr. Jean Murray Memorial, Dorothea Friebel, Bennee, CFUW Saskatoon Inc., and Jacqueline McKenzie Newstead Scholarships
  • $5,000 for Newstead Doctoral Scholarship
  • Eligibility: These awards are directed towards women completing their degrees. They will be awarded to female graduate students based on academic excellence and demonstrated financial need. The students must have completed at least one year of course work and have an approved thesis or project proposal.
    Additional information:
  • Dr. Jean Murray Memorial Scholarship; Dorothea Friebel Scholarship; Bennee Scholarship; CFUW Saskatoon Inc. Scholarship - These are intended to be used to cover expenses associated with the thesis completion.
  • The Jacqueline McKenzie Newstead Scholarship may be used for any expenses incurred in completing the degree. At the request of the donor, given otherwise similar qualifications, preference may be given to a single mother.
  • The Newstead Doctoral Scholarship is awarded to a female Ph.D. student who has completed all the required courses, including the comprehensive exams for the degree, and be well advanced in the writing of the thesis. Given similar qualifications, preference is given to a student who demonstrates financial need, or whose research is of potential benefit to women in society.
  • Application Procedure: The student applies by sending the application form (use the link below and click on the Scholarships & Awards tab) to the College of Graduate Studies and Research along with:
    1. A one-page letter of intent. The letter should include the title of the thesis or project, description of the research (in terms that are easily understood by a non-technical reader), research methodology, objectives, motivation for embarking on research, and professional goals upon completion of the work;
    2. A list of current University Scholarships and distinctions won, including amount, tenure, and source;
    3. The source and amount of monetary support, including research grants, stipends, teaching assistantships, lab technician wages, and also other sources of income;
    4. A list of publications, conferences and poster presentations, and related work and/or volunteer experiences;
    5. A letter of recommendation from the research supervisor outlining the student's personal qualities and past achievements and potential. It should state the student's current progress in the program and estimated completion date, and the financial support that is being provided to the student. This letter should be sent directly from the department to the College of Graduate Studies and Research.

    6. Privacy Policy - the information in this application is only seen by the members of the CFUW Saskatoon Inc. Scholarship Committee. It is not sold or shared with anyone else.
    Mailing Address: College of Graduate Studies and Research
    Rm C180, Administration Bldg
    105 Administration Pl
    Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A2
    Phone: 306-966-5760
    Deadline: February 02, 2015

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