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University of Saskatchewan Graduate Service Fellowships

Description: To provide fellowships to graduate students who will carry out projects or initiatives that will enhance services and the quality of graduate programs for a broad base of graduate students. In addition to the financial support and the service provided, the graduate student will receive valuable work experience and learn skills related to project organization, deliver, and reporting.
The program will be administered by the College of Graduate Studies and Research (CGSR). GSF holders will provide services to projects of high priority identified by CGSR, in consultation with the Graduate Students' Association, and other units on campus. Direct operating costs (in addition to the fellowships) will be covered by the CGSR in partnership with other units on campus.
Value: Value: approximately $5,400 The student is expected to provide an average of 12 hours per week of service related to the project over a 4 month period.
Eligibility: The GSF will be available to fully qualified, full-time graduate students who have no other source of financial support provided through the University or other sources for the period of the GSF.
Application Procedure: Applications (2 pages or less) from academic or administrative units describing the proposed project and the role of the Graduate Service Fellowship should be sent to the Director of Graduate Awards and Scholarships at the address below. Graduate students can also submit ideas for service projects along with their qualifications directly to the Graduate Office. The Graduate Office will try and match graduate students with projects proposed by the units on campus or vice-versa. Projects will be selected on the basis of CGSR priorities for service.
Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis.
Mailing Address: College of Graduate Studies and Research
Attn: Director of Graduate Awards and Scholarships
Rm C180 Administration Building
105 Administration Pl
Saskatoon, SK S7N 5A2
Phone: 306-966-5760

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